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Anoniem asked: I don't thing many people like me on tumblr :/ I have a fair few followers but no one ever messages me or talks to me, I think I come off as really mean on here? Do you have any advise on how to be friendlier online so more people like you and interact with you and stuff, your followers seem to really like you :)) thanks so much xx

Tumblr isn’t a social media like facebook , on here we do ourselves ya feel tbh i barelly send ppl messages not bcs they aren’t nice just bcs i see tumblr more like a moodboard
And maybe ppl don’t find you interessting or they don’t notice you
What you can do is take a lot of pics and try to draw the attention to you , start talking w/ your mutuals , start talking with random ppl

you shouldn’t worry that muchh abt messages lol

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paradiseswhore asked: T'es française ?

Non belge

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