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Anoniem asked: My first high was in high school and during lunch. My best friend bought these weed brownies an cookies. We also had some grape 4locos after. I chugged my can cuz I wasnt feelin it yet. By the time my next period came, I was so fucked up. It was intense but a great high, I was just cheesin and laughin and im sure every1 knew. When I got home, I was so out of it. I have a lot of black spots in my memory and what i did when i got home, but I remember drew a fucking master piece. I woke up dazed.
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t3monkey asked: I smoked a blunt earlier... It was CRRAAZZZYYY😒
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where to find clothes like on my blog


SHOES (europe )

CLOTHES ( also on etsy )


best nails


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